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    Saturday, October 23, 2021

    New Sporcle Quiz: MLB Expansion Teams by World Series Performance

    As has become tradition with me, I've been spending the time in between innings and such during the playoff games to research and create Sporcle quizzes, and I should have a few coming in the next few days. However, with the Astros clinching the AL Pennant, it seemed like a good time to launch the first of them: Can you match the MLB Expansion Teams to their World Series track records? It might need another update soon, but I figured it would be better to spread out my World Series quiz ideas, so this one can go up now. 

    It will of course be added to the Sporcle Quizzes Page here, as well as my World Series Trivia Playlist. And of course, I've already updated my surprise hit from last year, World Series with an Expansion Team. In case you were curious, after over 1000 plays, that quiz's current most-guessed answer is 2001 (just over four-fifths of players have gotten that right), while last place is 1973 (just a touch over one-third have that one).

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