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    Wednesday, March 28, 2012

    Another Trivia Break, Part 2

    Continuing on the post from yesterday, here is Quiz Number 2 from High Heat Stats' series on the best players at each position. This one covers the outfield and designated hitter.

    Another Trivia Break, Part 1

    High Heat Stats wrote an article last week looking at the best players at each position over five year spans. It's incredibly interesting stuff, and I really want to write more about this, but for now, here's a Sporcle quiz on the first part of the series, which covers infielders.

    Sunday, March 18, 2012

    Retired Numbers Series: Detroit Tigers

    Picking what team to do next for the Retired Number Series is something of a challenge now. I’m always looking for interesting trivia or unusual tidbits to sway me towards one team or another. In the case of the Tigers, part of what caught my attention was a recent article from Beyond the Boxscore where the Tigers were found, by at least one measure, to be the most snubbed in terms of Hall of Fame voting.

    The Tigers have stuck mostly to retiring Hall of Famers’ numbers (with one major exception); therefore, there would be a good chance that several Tiger legends are being snubbed as far getting their numbers retired. Are there, and, if so, who are they?

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    Replacement Level AL East Preview

    Bryan at Replacement Level has asked me to join in his division preview on behalf of the Orioles, although he did offer me the choice of covering the Cardinals if I thought they have a better chance of winning the AL East. It’s a tempting offer, but I’ll stick with covering the Orioles for this piece. So, let’s get started:

    (EDIT: You can see the full five parts of the project here.)

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    More Contract Talk, and Some Thoughts on the Expanded Playoffs

    So, this was originally going to go with my last post until it kind of spiraled out of control into an ode to Ryan Zimmerman (not that I regret it). It fit in so well with the topic of contract talks, though. Apparently, Josh Hamilton got some people upset when he said that he wasn’t going to give the Rangers a discount, and a lot of people seemed upset with that. I actually don’t really see any reason for animosity in this scenario.

    Thursday, March 1, 2012

    Ryan Zimmerman: The Contract Extension, and Other Thoughts

    So, there are a lot of things that I’ve wanted to write about as of late, but general, all-around business has kept me busy (go figure). So, I’ll try and condense some of them into a single meandering post.

    One of the two stories I really want to address is the big extension that Ryan Zimmerman just signed with the Nationals. I really care about both the Nationals and Ryan Zimmerman, for some reason. Neither is on par with my actual fandom for the Cardinals or Orioles, but if I had to construct a hierarchy of favorite teams, the Nationals would probably be a solid bronze medal winner. I really don’t have any clear explanations for this. Part of it might be that I used to live in the D.C. area (granted, it was before the Nationals were a thing, which is why I’m an Orioles fan instead; but maybe some residual feelings for the area?). Part of it might have been sympathy for the Expos that carried over and multiplied when they were moved. Part of it might be because Peter Angelos didn’t like them. But I think Ryan Zimmerman is also a large part of it.