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    Friday, August 21, 2020

    Team Hall of Fame Snubs vs. Team Hall Median, Part 2

    A few years ago, I covered an interesting hypothetical question: Which team would be better, a team of median Hall of Famers, or a team of the biggest Hall snubs? I encourage you to go check it out, in part because I feel like the setup was interesting, but also to give a bit of background for what I want to do today.

    I sort of randomly stumbled upon that article while looking for a reference for something else, but had fun looking back at it. And I couldn’t help but noticed that a good chunk of Team Snub had actually made it into Cooperstown in the seven-plus years since I wrote it. So I couldn’t help but wonder, if I updated it for 2020, would Team Snub still stack up so well against the Hall of Fame Median?

    First, as a brief refresher, here was the 2013 edition of Team Snub:
    C-Mike Piazza
    1B-Jeff Bagwell
    2B-Bobby Grich
    3B-Graig Nettles
    SS-Alan Trammell
    LF-Barry Bonds
    CF-Kenny Lofton
    RF-Larry Walker
    DH-Mark McGwire
    Bench-Ted Simmons, Craig Biggio, Ken Boyer, Tim Raines, Shoeless Joe Jackson
    Rotation-Roger Clemens
    Curt Schilling
    Kevin Brown
    Rick Reuschel
    Luis Tiant
    Swing Men-Tommy John, David Cone, Eddie Cicotte
    Relievers-Lee Smith, Dan Quisenberry, John Hiller

    Since then, Piazza, Bagwell, Trammell, Biggio, Smith, Raines, and most recently, Walker and Simmons, have all found their way into the Hall of Fame, and thus, no longer qualify for the team. So that’s almost a third of the team we’ll need to replace, plus we have seven years’ worth of new candidates to evaluate, so we should be seeing a good amount of turnover.