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    Saturday, January 5, 2013

    Happy 2013!

    Well, it’s several days late, but Happy 2013! The first full calendar year at Hot Corner Harbor went better than expected, with plenty of interesting articles as well as the continuation or start of several major series.

    With 2012 officially in the books, it’s time to look at the year’s top articles.

    1. Melky Cabrera Tests Positive for Testosterone: What Does This Mean, and What Can We Learn?

    In which I look at Melky Cabrera’s performance increase, and wonder if it might have been BABIP-driven.

    2. Paul Konerko, 500 Home Runs, and the Hall of Fame

    I feel like I wrote a lot about Konerko this year, and it was all negative. I don’t dislike him at all, if that’s how it came across. I just don’t think of him as a Hall of Famer, as some have started to claim.

    3. How Big Should the Hall of Fame Be?

    Very relevant now with Hall season upon us. Maybe you should revisit this one.

    4. NL Central Predictions, or: How Not to Make Projections

    As this list apparently shows, I really like subtitles.

    5. Retired Numbers Series: Cincinnati Reds

    Makes sense they top the Retired Number entries, seeing as they had a Hall inductee.

    6. Who Are the Hall of Famers Playing Today? 2006, Part 2

    Yep, a sequel appears on a year-end list, but not the original. I have accomplished what Hollywood can not.

    7. Cape Cod League Profile: Craig Schlitter, RHP

    The most read interview from my Cape Cod League series.

    8. Cape Cod League Interview: Jared King, CF

    Some Early Installment Weirdness there in the title. As an update, King ended up leaving the CCBL early due to injury.

    9. Retired Numbers Series: Detroit Tigers

    You know, one day, I will finish this series.

    10. Retired Numbers Series: New York Yankees

    Yep, the Yankees finished third among Retired Numbers Series. If the Mayan Apocalypse hadn’t already passed, I’d be adding this to the signs.

    11. Another Year, Another Set of All-Star Roster Corrections

    The yearly staple makes an appearance.

    11. Opening Day in the Cape Cod League

    Even more Early Installment Weirdness, this one includes an interview with pitcher Aaron Blair.

    13. Cape Cod League Profile: Sean Manaea, LHP

    Manaea is starting to look like a possible number one pick later this year. 

    13. Injuries and the End

    A pure prose peace in which I reflect on long-time Cardinal rival Kerry Wood’s retirement. With Scott Rolen possibly retiring soon, this theme may be revisited here.

    15. Retired Numbers Series: Colorado Rockies

    Of the ten RNS pieces I did this year, this one is probably one of the more surprising one to end up in the most viewed list (ahead of large market teams like the Phillies, Mets, and Angels). The Rockies do have a dedicated fan base, though, it would appear. 

    Thanks for a great 2012, and here’s to an even greater 2013!

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