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    Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    Jeff Bagwell Inducted by Baseball Bloggers Alliance, Foreshadows Doom and Such

    Well, this doesn’t look good for Cooperstown.

    The Baseball Bloggers Alliance announced their voting results. After inducting Barry Larkin and Jeff Bagwell last year, this year, we seem to have decided on...

    Just Bagwell a second time. And his percentage went down, to just over the 75% limit. At least it beats the BBWAA, where it looks like no one will get in. And this from a ballot where something like 20 candidates have their supporters.

    Anyway, newcomers Craig Biggio and Mike Piazza were next, each with 69% of the vote. Barry Bonds and Tim Raines each got 62%. For Raines, it was a roughly 4 and a half percentage point improvement. Roger Clemens was the only other player to get at least half of the vote, sitting at 56%.

    Edgar Martinez and Alan Trammell were next, and their tallies dropped 15 to 20 points from last year. Curt Schilling got just over a third of the vote. Oh well. At least we inducted someone, and kept Kenny Lofton on the ballot. I don’t even think the BBWAA will manage that.

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