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    Thursday, March 30, 2023

    2023 Astros Predictions at The Crawfish Boxes!

    I hope everyone had a good Opening Day! Once again, I participated in The Crawfish Boxes’ Annual Astros Pre-Season Predictions. I have to say, making these predictions is much better coming off a World Series win than a loss; it kind of makes it feel like you’re playing with house money this year. It looks like the AL West will be a little tougher for Houston in 2023 than the last few years, but they’re still a really good team, and I’m expecting another big year from them!

    Anyway, Opening Day was a tough loss, but given that Dylan Cease was almost the Cy Young winner last year, it’s at least understandable. Hopefully they can come back strong this weekend and take the first series of the year!

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