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    Wednesday, November 3, 2021

    New Sporcle Quiz (Best Active Players Without a World Series 2021 Edition), Plus Bonus Trivia!

    The 2021 World Series has concluded, meaning that I can publish the newest edition of my annual Sporcle series, Best Active Players Without a World Series. I’ll have a little bit more below the break, but I want to give everyone a chance to try it without any spoilers first. I’m also including a link to my other recent World Series-related quizzes for those who missed them, as well as a newly-created playlist containing all past versions of my Best Active Players series for anyone who wants to see how it’s evolved over the years (and also has some time to kill; this year is my eighth entry onto the list, with every season but 2015 accounted for):

    Best Active Players without a World Series, 2021 Edition
    Expansion Teams by World Series Performance
    World Series Matchup Grid
    World Series Matchup Grid (Hard Mode)
    Full Best Active Player without a World Series Playlist

    (Also, for those who want to hunt for extras, there are five bonus answers on the quiz, all players who are technically active, but who didn’t play on a Major League roster in 2021. Good luck, and make sure to come back here after for some more fun facts!)

    Without a doubt, the biggest name cleared off the 2021 list is Freddie Freeman. The reigning NL MVP was lined up to be twelfth place on this year’s version prior to the Braves’ win. Between this year and last, he’s cleared a lot of the big remaining goals off of his list, and probably just needs a few more solid years in his early 30s to waterproof his case for Cooperstown.

    Also removed is Marcell Ozuna, who missed the postseason (and most of the regular season) while on suspension for domestic violence. I’m not sure if the team will give him a ring or not (I hear most years, the teams are generous with that, but this may well be an extraordinary case). However, since I’m not privy to those discussions, I use a hard and fast rule for these quizzes, specifically “Did a player play on a team that won the World Series that year?”).

    Usually, this rule results in more fun trivia. For example, Pablo Sandoval will probably be getting his fourth ring after being traded at the deadline for Eddie Rosario. Somehow, even in absence, the iconic Giant with big World Series performances played a key role in both knocking out the Dodgers and winning another title.

    And then there’s the case of pinch runner extraordinaire Terrance Gore. Gore, who made the Braves’ postseason roster after spending the entire regular season with their AAA team, won his third ring this season, to go with his ones from the 2015 Royals and 2020 Dodgers. That puts him in extremely select company; by my count, only seventeen players have won rings (or at least, appeared on teams that won rings) with three different franchises.* And all of this is in spite of the fact that he’s only appeared in 102 regular season games (and just 77 plate appearances!) over seven seasons. Truly, that is the type of feat that will probably never be matched.

    *Someone feel free to correct me if my data is incomplete, but I believe the full list is: Gore, Herb Pennock, Stuffy McInnis, Jack Morris, Wally Schang, Bullet Joe Bush, John Lackey, Lonnie Smith, Dave Stewart, George Burns, Steve Carlton, Jay Johnstone, Mike Lowell, Dolf Luque, Luis Polonia, Nick Altrock, and Lew Burdette. I’ve been sitting on that list for, like, three years, unsure of what to do with it, but it finally paid off!

    The other big names of this are more preventative. Ronald Acuna Jr. and Ozzie Albies were set to join the list next year with good seasons. And Austin Riley was a few years away from joining, but it’s better to cross that off early.

    Meanwhile, Zack Greinke and Michael Brantley fell two games short of removing themselves from the list. And Dusty Baker couldn’t quite turn his second pennant as a manager into a title, although he does have a ring from his days as a player. Maybe next year’s the year for them?

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