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    Monday, July 2, 2012

    Post-Script: 2012 All-Star Roster Corrections

    As an add-on to my edited All-Star rosters, after writing this, I decided to see which teams got the most snubs. My system was basically count the number of players each team had on the original rosters, and then on my fixed rosters. The change is listed after each team. “+0” means I changed the roster, but the net total was the same. “No change” means I used the exact same players the real rosters did. Since I already have the final spot accounted for an one injury replacement, my totals should be a little higher overall.

    Arizona (3): Paul Goldschmidt, Aaron Hill, Wade Miley (+1)
    Atlanta (4): Dan Uggla*, Michael Bourn*, Martin Prado, Craig Kimbrel (+2)
    Chicago (1): Starlin Castro (-1)
    Cincinnati (3): Joey Votto*, Johnny Cueto, Aroldis Chapman (+0)
    Colorado (1): Carlos Gonzalez (no changes)
    Houston (1): Jed Lowrie* (+0)
    Los Angeles (3): A.J. Ellis, Matt Kemp* (injured), Clayton Kershaw (+1)
    Miami (1): Giancarlo Stanton (no changes)
    Milwaukee (2): Ryan Braun* (DH), Zack Greinke (+1)
    New York (2): David Wright*, R.A. Dickey (no changes)
    Philadelphia (2): Carlos Ruiz*, Cole Hamels (-1)
    Pittsburgh (2): Andrew McCutchen, James McDonald (+0)
    San Diego (1): Chase Headley (+0)
    San Francisco (2): Melky Cabrera*, Matt Cain (-2)
    St. Louis (3): Yadier Molina, Carlos Beltran*, Matt Holliday (-1)
    Washington (4): Ian Desmond, Gio Gonzalez, Stephen Strasburg, Tyler Clippard (+1)

    Baltimore (4): Matt Wieters, Adam Jones, Jason Hammel, Jim Johnson (+1)
    Boston (1): David Ortiz* (no changes)
    Chicago: (4) Paul Konerko*, Adam Dunn, Chris Sale, Jake Peavy (+1)
    Cleveland (2): Jason Kipnis, Asdrubal Cabrera (+0)
    Detroit (3): Miguel Cabrera, Austin Jackson, Justin Verlander (+0)
    Kansas City (1): Mike Moustakas (+0)
    Los Angeles (4): Mike Trout*, Mark Trumbo, Jered Weaver, C.J. Wilson (no changes)
    Minnesota (1): Joe Mauer* (no changes)
    New York (2): Robinson Cano*, CC Sabathia (-2)
    Oakland (1): Josh Reddick (+0)
    Seattle (1): Felix Hernandez (no changes)
    Tampa Bay (3): Ben Zobrist, David Price, Fernando Rodney (+1)
    Texas (5): Elvis Andrus*, Adrian Beltre*, Josh Hamilton*, Matt Harrison, Joe Nathan (-2)
    Toronto (2): Edwin Encarnacion, Jose Bautista* (+1)

    So only seven of the thirty teams had the exact right representatives, according to me. Exactly half of them had the right number of representatives going by my rosters, so that’s not too bad. Also four teams were two players away from their ideal representations: the Giants (who had a last-minute ballot-stuffing campaign), the Braves (the only team that was two short rather than two too many), the Yankees, and the Rangers. I still find that funny-I picked more Rangers than any other team, and I still have two fewer Rangers than the actual All-Star teams. Crazy stuff.

    Also of note, if I had dipped into my ten reserves, I would have added 1 Red, 1 Brave, 1 National, 1 Marlin, and 1 Giant in the NL, and 2 Rangers, 1 Yankee, 1 Twin, and 1 Blue Jay in the AL.

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