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    Sunday, October 24, 2021

    New Sporcle Quiz: World Series Matchup Grid

    With the conclusion of the NLCS, we now know the World Series matchup this year: for the first time since the Astros were moved to the American League, they will be playing the Atlanta Braves in the postseason. This gives us the 70th unique set of World Series teams in history.

    With that, I have once again attempted to put this information into the format of a Sporcle quiz. I’ve tried before, but no past version has quite been as intuitive as I would have liked, so I keep trying. This year is probably the closest yet, with the help of the Grid feature: Can you pick every World Series Matchup? That version will check the answers by team as you go, which almost makes it more like a logic puzzle. If you’d like a harder version that doesn’t do that, I have also prepared a Hard Version of the quiz, which will only check your answers as right or wrong at the end of the quiz (whether that’s by hitting 100%, running out of time, or giving up).

    It’s probably the closest I’ve come to what I want, but it still isn’t all the way there. I was sort of hoping to set it up like a logic puzzle, where you only need to fill in the spaces that have occurred, but the Grid format doesn’t quite work that way. So instead, I made it so every answer is either an O or an X, and instructed players to start the quiz by filling in every space with an X and work from there. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good workaround.

    I’ve also updated the other quizzes in my World Series Trivia Playlist to add in an Astros-Braves matchup where it's necessary, and I’ll make one more pass upon the series’ conclusion to note the winner in the few that include that info. In the meantime, feel free to try them all out (including my full directory of Sporcle Quizzes)!

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