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    Saturday, November 2, 2019

    The End-of-the-Season Post Round-Up

    With the final week of the season now behind us, here's a collection of all my newest things, including everything from the World Series:

    -I linked to it last time, but for the sake of including everything World Series-related, here's my look at what was baseball's second-ever all-expansion World Series.

    -I followed that up with a look at the mismatch in the Astros' and Nationals' records. As it turns out, it didn't matter too much!

    -In preparation of his Game 6 start, I looked at Justin Verlander's World Series history. Unfortunately, he just didn't have it that night.

    -I did a pair of recaps during the series as well. Naturally, they were both losses: here's Game 2, and here's Game 6. World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg was pretty good, as it turned out! Given my luck in recapping Astros games, maybe I deserve some credit there?

    Seriously though, this team went 107-55 in the regular season, a .660 winning percentage, then fell just one game short of winning it all. In total, that's a 117-63 record, still a .650 winning percentage. In my 32 game recaps this season, Houston went exactly 16-16. That...doesn't look great.

    -Over here, I wrapped up with my yearly Best Active Players Without a World Series quiz on the night of Game 7.

    -And finally, in non-baseball writing, I published something over on Out of Left Field reviewing one of my favorite video games of 2019.

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