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    Thursday, May 30, 2019

    Another Week, Another Round-Up

    Two more pieces this week. First up, I got to recap Tuesday's game, which was a lot of fun as the patchwork lineup not only held together, but nearly scored in the double-digits. Plus, Garrett Stubbs made his debut pretty memorable. Even if tonight's game was rougher, it's promising to see that the B-squad still have the potential to break out.

    And here's the newer piece, where I previewed the rest of the season for both the Astros and their nearest division rivals, the A's, as well as the added importance it gives to this weekend's series in Oakland. Go check out the full thing, but the preview is that even with large number of injuries hitting them, the Astros are still in pretty good position right now. And if things go well for them this weekend, the A's might have missed their last good shot to catch them.

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