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    Thursday, October 9, 2014

    First Round of Awards Voting, 2014

    I've been busy lately, and I will eventually post my reasoning behind my voting. However, I need to post some of my ballots now so that they'll count in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance awards. So here are four of the ten awards:

    AL Manager of the Year
    1. Buck Showalter, Orioles
    2. Mike Scioscia, Angels
    3. Joe Girardi, Yankees

    NL Manager of the Year
    1. Mike Matheny, Cardinals
    2. Clint Hurdle, Pirates
    3. Bruce Bochy, Giants

    AL Rookie of the Year
    1. Jose Abreu, 1B, White Sox
    2. Marcus Stroman, SP, Blue Jays
    3. Kevin Kiermaier, OF, Rays

    NL Rookie of the Year
    1. Jacob deGrom, SP, Mets
    2. Billy Hamilton, OF, Reds
    3. Ender Inciarte, OF, Diamondbacks

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