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    Tuesday, January 3, 2012

    Hall of Fame Results Are In!

    No, not the official results; those are next Monday. The Baseball Bloggers Alliance announced the results of their Hall of Fame elections. This year, Jeff Bagwell and Barry Larkin made the 75% cutoff, receiving 78.77% and 84.25%, respectively.

    Seeing as I picked eight candidates as worthy of being elected, I would have liked to see more candidates make it (Edgar Martinez was next closest, at 60.27%). However, it's better than the BBWAA will do, I can almost guarantee. Also, the results of the BBA elections correspond much better to who is worthy of induction; the 3 through 7 spots all made my ballot, while I bet Jack Morris and Lee Smith finish in the top 5 of the BBWAA elections.

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