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    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    Postseason Trivia and Belated Predictions

    I’m something of a trivia fan, and as such, I spend a lot of time on I’ve been meaning to make some quizzes about the postseason for a while, and I finally got time. So, for the last few days, I’ve been compiling quizzes on the ALCS and NLCS match-ups throughout history. Feel free to try them out!


    Also, on a somewhat related note, I believe that the playoffs are a crapshoot and that there isn’t a real method to pick who will win the whole thing. Just getting in is enough that any team, from that point, can win it. However, I just realized that I never published my postseason predictions here. So, without further ado (since they’re already a week late), my predictions for the 2011postseason.

    Rays over Rangers

    Reason: I figured that the Rays were in the tougher division, so their record might be misleading, and I figured they were the most likely of the underdogs to win. Obviously, that worked out.

    Yankees over Tigers

    Reason: The Yankees were the stronger team. That was pretty much it. Again, you can see how that worked out.

    Brewers over Diamondbacks

    Reason: As someone who’s team ran into the Brewers a lot, I knew they were a strong team. The Diamondbacks looked solid in every category, but the Brewers still seemed to beat them in most categories (except defense).

    Cardinals over Phillies

    Reason: I’m a Cardinals fan. That’s pretty much it. The last time I didn’t actually pick the Cardinals to win a series was 2006, and we can see how that turned out. All of my reasons they would win this year started with “If they can...”, but I still picked them.

    Yankees over Rays

    Reason: Again, I was going with the best team; it just seemed to make sense. The Yankees had a better record over the whole season, so they would continue to show that. (With the real match-up, I would have gone with the Rangers, again because the Rangers have a slightly better record in a slightly harder division.)

    Cardinals over Brewers

    Reason: Again, blatant homerism.

    World Series:

    Cardinals over Yankees (or Rangers, now)

    Reason: See NLCS

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