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    Future Hall of Fame Series

    For the last several years, I've made it an offseason tradition to look at active major leaguers and compare their career WAR to Hall of Fame precedent to see which players are on pace for Cooperstown, with annual updates to track the best players' career trajectories.

    2024 Edition:
    2023 Edition:

    2022 Edition:

    2021 Edition:

    2016 Edition:

    2015 Edition:

    2013 Original:
    Hitters, Part 2

    Proto-"Future Hall Series" pieces

    In 2012, I looked at how big the Hall of Fame should be, then decided to apply those findings to more recent years. The results can be found here:

    2006, Part 1
    2006, Part 2
    2006, Part 3
    What Would a More Accurately Sized Hall of Fame Look Like?

    Prior to that, in 2010, I tried a more simplistic approach going position by postion, paving the way for my future attempts. Articles linked in order of publication:

    First Attempt
    Third Basemen
    Middle Infielders
    First Basemen
    Center Fielders
    Corner Outfielders
    AL and NL East Pitchers
    AL and NL Central Pitchers
    AL and NL West Pitchers