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    Thursday, February 21, 2013

    Retired Numbers Series: Post-Script 3

    Well, I guess I got this one done just in time; the Braves are retiring Chipper Jones’ number in June

    To be fair, that wasn’t a huge leap of a prediction, but it’s still right. So, with that, my updated predictions for the Braves:

    Andruw Jones-25 
    Jason Heyward-22 
    Joe Torre-15 
    Darrell Evans-11 
    Brian McCann-16 
    Tim Hudson-15 
    Justin Upton-Well, he wore 10, but that’s likely over 
    Fred McGriff-27 
    Freddie Freeman-5 
    Javy Lopez-8 
    David Justice-23 
    Craig Kimbrel-46 
    Brandon Beachy-37 
    Kris Medlen-54 
    Mike Minor-36 
    Kid Nichols 
    Rabbit Maranville-1 
    Vic Willis 
    Hugh Duffy

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